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Dr. Collins received his degrees in Chemistry from Wayne University and the University of Wisconsin. After employment at General Motors Research, Central Research at E. I. DuPont and Sterling Winthrop Research Institute, he accepted a position at Illinois Wesleyan University as Associate Professor and Chairman of the Chemistry Department. In 1967, he returned to Sterling Winthrop to direct Medicinal Chemical Research and then Technical Affairs for Sterling Drug Corporation until 1987 when he retired to devote more time to his interest in the role of water in the living cell.

He has a number of publications and patents to his credit and has had a synthetic reagent “The Collins Reagent” named after him. It was while he was directing Medicinal Chemistry Research at Sterling Winthrop Research Institute that he constructed hundreds of permanent three-dimensional models of drug and regulator molecules and noted that their dimensions mimicked those of linear hydrogen-bonded elements of water. Since the dimensions also corresponded with those of hydrophobic regions in proteins and those between charges in proteins and nucleic acids, he developed the concepts of Transient Linear Hydration and Cubic Hydration Patterning to explain the observations. However, when articles were submitted to scientific journals, they were rejected as not conforming with current concepts or as containing nothing new. In response, he published the concepts in the three books listed below and in two web sites.

In a review of the “Matrix of Life” in 1991, Linus Pauling commented that the concepts were “on the right track” and that “studies should be continued.” Dr. Michael New, a Lead Scientist in the Planetary Division of NASA, who reviewed the manuscript for the 2013 publication, commented: “Your concepts of Transient Linear Hydration and Quantized Hydration Patterning are valuable contributions to understanding the unique role of water in origin of life research.”

More information on the possible role of water in the folding and assembly of proteins, the binding of regulator molecules in receptor sites and the stabilization of double-helix DNA is available on

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First Edition: “The Matrix of Life”
Published in 1991. ISBN 0-9629719-0-1
Library of Congress Catalog Card
Number 91-90379

Second Edition: “Water: The Vital Force of Life”
Published in 2000.  ISBN 0-9629719-2-8
Library of Congress Catalog Card
Number 00-90325

“Biomolecular Evolution from Water to the Molecules of Life”
Published in 2013. ISBN 978-1-6192742-1-1

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